February 25th 2015, 5PM
c/o baba, Corso Magenta 31, Milano
TREND MONITOR® – Track the future!

is the new semantic field of the 2015/2016 trends we are going to introduce in the fourteenth edition of our annual Forecast: continuous observation, crosscategory analysis of the global markets and anticipation scenarios.

12 countries monitored (Italy, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brasil, USA, Japan, India, China, Russia) and 6000 web interviews on a representative sample , 9 industries tracked (food, beverage, mobility, body, fashion, retail, hi-tech, communications, home)

1.turning points in the evolutionary context and mapping of international macro trends
2.crucial issues underlying the main trends, and definition of advanced targets
3.category highlights sum up opportunities

Starting from this edition of the Forecast, in partnership with the web-international panel Toluna, Trend Monitor® supports the scenario analysis with an extensive quantitative survey, with an output in three different formats (main, mini, ad hoc); a direct access to Toluna Analytics is included, with research focuses to ensure a customized approach.

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