#FADING Trend Increasing in Cosmetics Industry

We at baba are closely watching the #Fading trend (see our #THENOWAGE 2018-2019 Trend Monitor Forecast) especially in its relation to the cosmetics industry. This trend deals with the elimination of hard frontiers between market categories (food vs beverage, mobility…

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On February 8th at Accenture Customer Innovation Center in Milan, our CEO Giulia Ceriani has introduced the main trends for 2018-19, matched by Accenture Interactive with social personas. If you want to know more click here for the sum up…

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Trend Monitor®’s workshops at World Allergen & Smart Food Expo

The food market is moving as fast as the other market categories, and we see a strong #INVERSION from pleasure food towards smart and functional nutrition. Finished products, raw materials, applied technology, services for allergies and food intolerances, this sector…

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BACKWARD: The “new” way to do shopping

Online shopping is convenient for those who work or who are traveling but there are also many reasons to prefer shopping at local stores: the experience and the discovery. NearSt is a startup that believes “finding and buying something from a…

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