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First world’s 3D culinary lab opens in LA

We have been talking for the last decade about 3d printing, and since NASA has started experimenting 3d-printing food in 2013 our interest shifted also in that direction. It feels unbelievable, compared to first, pioneering experiments, but future is now…

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When we talk about technology Japan never lags behind: Henn na Hotel, where the main staff are robots

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TREND LAB SAFARI: digital tools are the key. Visual ethnography research with wearable tech: a precious option to directly collect consumer visions, to explore styles of consumer perception, to analyze marketplace relationships. Click to access Mobile_research_brochure_eng.pdf

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Gastromania: media, foodies and market

What is gastromania? In which way the speeches and our relation with food has changed? Why feeding ourself has become an undeniable symbolic act? How all of this can change the market? On the occasion of EXPO2015, baba hosts a…

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Retail Watch writes about this year Forecast. An interesting view by Luigi Rubinelli (Retail Watch director). Read the article here. Stay Tuned for other news about Trend Monitor®

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TREND MONITOR® Newsletter #1: Retail trends

We are glad to announce the first issue of TREND MONITOR® Newsletter. Each issue will be dedicated to an update of our international  trend monitoring (I, F,D,UK, E, US, J, BRIC, Tr),  and it will be  time to time focused…

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