On February 8th at Accenture Customer Innovation Center in Milan, our CEO Giulia Ceriani has introduced the main trends for 2018-19, matched by Accenture Interactive with social personas.

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SAVE THE DATE – Feb. 8th 5 pm c/o ACIN, Piazza Gae Aulenti 8, Milan

Register to attend the baba  Trend Monitor®2018-2019 annual forecast presentation, on Feb. 8th, 5 pm at ACCENTURE CUSTOMER INNOVATION CENTER in Milan.
Giulia Ceriani (baba CEO)  will introduce the brand new #NOW AGE stimulating insights.    Alessandro Diana (Accenture Interactive lead Italia, Centro Europa, Grecia) and Elena Aniello (Accenture marketing lead Italia) will be our challenging discussants.
On this occasion you will pick up stimulating insights and get the better ideas  to provide your brand with actionable information for your specific Industry and markets through:
Category and product trends scenarios
* Communication benchmarking and situational assessment of your competition
Innovation workshops.



Google is twenty years old: how our life and the future are changing as a result

Take part to the new book presentation: “Nella rete di Google”. Strategie e dispositivi del motore di ricerca che cambiato la nostra vita”, and listen to the Giulia Ceriani contribution, baba CEO, together with Isabella Pezzini, Vincenza Del Marco, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Ruggero Eugeni, Federico Gennari Santori

Friday Nov. 17th 6.30 pm at Book City Milan, Museo della Scienza Tinkering Lab, Via San Vittore 21

Fashion for people, not for boys or girls

We live in a society where gender differences are no longer so marked.  Starting now from very tender ages:  John Lewis department store (UK) has just launched  a gender neutral production dedicated to kids. A trend talking about an idea of sex neutrality that drives another way to think body, love, and socialization under the umbrella of digital world. Giulia Ceriani (baba CEO) has dealt with this topic on D_Repubblica pages. Here the link to her comments.

Are we ready for Robotic couture?

Maybe we are about to find out the answer to this question. On September 21st, Anouk Wipprecht will be at “Meet the Media Guru” and we will be there too to hear about her experience. Her work mix Fashion with IoT and wearable technology. A new way to think about fashion is coming, and we are seriously considering its implications. Can clothes be a support in people’s daily life supplying, for example, handicaps and physical problems? Fashion is no longer only an esthetical fact.



Not such an easy-going attitude to be adopted, apparently. Tech dominance does not hold the grip, and we are all compliant with that mood. Have a look to a few and not even unexpected cues about what our suitcases full of tech gadgets consist of. No inversion on going on tech addiction.

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Trend Monitor®’s workshops at World Allergen & Smart Food Expo

The food market is moving as fast as the other market categories, and we see a strong #INVERSION from pleasure food towards smart and functional nutrition.

Finished products, raw materials, applied technology, services for allergies and food intolerances, this sector has seen a huge raise in the last twelve months. Particularly for dietary supplements, there is a record increase of+ 6,7 %.

The World Allergen & Smart Food Expo will be runthe November 25, 26, 27th 2017 at Fiera di Padova: baba is partner of this event and Giulia Ceriani, CEO of baba, will conduct the workshop’s program regarding emerging trends in alimentary styles and smart food.

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Are equally opportunities Olympic Games next to come on running track of politically correctness? Beyond featuring 15 new events from Rio 2016, the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo will encompass a surprising mix-genders relays in a wide variety of disciplines (i.e.: archery, fencing, table tennis,), including well-established and most reputed Olympics sports (i.e.: athletics and swimming).

Hence, women’s participation to Games is expected to stand at 49%.


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The party first secretary He Junke recently announced the so-called “Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Youth, 2016-2025”, claiming that “The League will guide young people in the quest for the soul mate”.

Since lifestyle has radically changed over the recent years and looking for a satisfying job definitely stands out as the priority, socializing, meet the ideal partner and start a family have become more and more difficult for the youngsters.

As a result 200 million of singles were counted all over the country in 2015.

Might the slow downing Chinese economy be recovered without a serious U-turn on birth-rate policies?

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Milano has just hosted Hermès and 11artisans of the renowned french Maison for “Behind the scenes”, an exhibition where the Hermès artisans have shown how they realize their masterpieces thanks to top quality materials and their manual work. The emphasis of the importance of high-end craft and an elegant gesture of resistance towards digital stream.

Still #INVERSION: as the opportunity to regain control, as a passionated reevaluation of uniqueness..


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hermes 2



Have a look to the new book “Nella rete di Google. Strategie e dispositivi del motore di ricerca che cambiato la nostra vita”, where you can read the semiotic contribution of Giulia Ceriani, baba CEO, about “Big data and Google Trends”.

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Direzioneà Ventura Lambrate

Ventura Lambrate accoglie espositori mash up: designer affermati, nomi emergenti e accademie che utilizzano il design come elemento di salvaguardia della tradizione e dell’ambiente ma anche come creatore di innovazione.

Allo Spazio Logotel la mostra “Posthuman- When technology embeds society” Maria Yablonina, ricercatrice russa, invita ad interrogarsi sul rapporto uomo macchina con l’ installazione Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structure dove tre robot, in grado di muoversi liberamente, interagiscono tra di loro per creare delle strutture. Si invita attraverso questa esposizione i progettisti a esplorare nuovi territori di sperimentazione #Cyber: Ci si abbandona all’idea dell’ automazione per ottimizzare i processi. L’identità umana diventa cyber con il primato della tecnologia e la sostituzione dell’essere umano.

Dall’altra #Mash up. Creare nuove identità miscelando più fonti. Un #INVERSION lieve per rimanere fedeli alla tradizione non escludendo il digital. È il caso di  Muemma che ha voluto reinventare il modo di interagire con i prodotti cercando di trovare l’armonia tra tecnologia e tradizione. Prodotti intelligenti per la casa come Arina Speaker un piccolo dischetto che con un design accattivante è in grado di diffondere musica in tutta la casa. O come DMP electronics che fa della tecnologia un’ amica. Tra i suoi prodotti SuperMirror ASW-R uno specchio a comandi elettronici integrati.


Direzione –> Brera Design District

Nel Brera Design District 2017 si  uniscono la sperimentazione di materiali e la ricerca della funzionalità alla gamification, alla sostenibilità, al riciclo e all’interaction design, ma soprattutto si è colta l’occasione per unire l’arte del design a tematiche di tipo sociale.

A mostrare una sensibilità particolare è Gaetano Pesce, in collaborazione con il centro anti-violenza Artemisia Onlus. L’imponente installazione Maestà Tradita di via Brera è una sintesi tra design, moda e scultura,  vuole esaltare la donna e andare contro la sua non esaurita schiavitù.

In Via Pontaccio, Achilleas Souras, studente di 16 anni, presenta SOS Save Our Souls. Un igloo impermeabile e termico creato con dei giubbotti di salvataggio recuperati sulle coste della Grecia, pensato come rifugio per coloro che scappano dai loro paesi. Souras ha coniugato la sua passione per l’architettura con il sociale con l’obiettivo di far arrivare un messaggio importante.

Ed è così che il #Fuori Salone del Brera Design District in primis calca il trend  #extrareal (vedi babatrendmonitor/DOWNLOAD)

Ci si allontana dal fanatismo digitale per esaltare un’identità umana. Messa in evidenza della nuda verità rifiutando la frivolezza. Oggetti di design pensati per lasciare una libera interpretazione, e allo stesso tempo far riflettere trasmettendo discretamente un messaggio.

Stay Tuned 😉


Direzione –> Via Tortona.

 Arredi minimali, innovazioni tecnologiche, ottimizzazione degli spazi per culture che incrociano presente, futuro e passato. Identità tentative, concetti di prodotto fusionali, ruoli e generi felicemente confusi : #Fuorisalone 2017 in Via Tortona calca anzitutto  il trend #trans (vedi babatrendmonitor/DOWNLOAD).

Nuovi concetti  a metà tra mondi differenti. Oggetti diversi che convivono in piena autonomia realizzando prodotti pensati per un’età di transizione, alla ricerca di nuove possibilità esistenziali.

Buon esempio  l’installazione Sense of the Future all’ingresso del Superstudiopiù di Tokujin Yoshoiaka per LG. Yoshaiaka:  reinterpreta un oggetto di uso comune come la sedia con la tecnologia degli schermi televisivi ad illuminazione oled. Il risultato è sorprendente. Un ambiente fatto di luce e nebbia che restituisce  straniamento incrociando schermi, natura e complessità dei sensi umani.

Al Superstudiopiù  la mostra “Time to color”. Qui il concetto di #trans è enfatizzato dalla collezione MURANO 5.0 di Alessandro Ciffo e dai suoi esercizi  di mutazione  del  silicone in vetro. Grandi trasparenze ed elevata consistenza, Ciffo crea dettagli di arredo tesi a creare un’illusione.

Oggetti in trasformazione per una comunità completamente nuova. Rimanete connessi. Domani altri aggiornamenti 🙂


MILAN DESIGN WEEK IS BACK, and of course we won’t miss to catch new ideas through the exhibition spaces of #FUORISALONE 2017.

baba’s trend watchers are already crossing Milan to observe the forward-looking signals, the new concepts and the upcoming ideas  of the #Home industry as well as the looks and the comments of who will be involved in Milan Design Week.

We are going to share with you our notebook, day by day…stay tuned and don’t forget: the trend key word this year is  #INVERSION, be ready to be amazed 🙂

Next year I’d like to have a robot, wouldn’t you?

Are we living in the future? It seems! According to the latest innovations in robotics, in addition to technological development, what is really changing is the real availability of robots, that we have only imagined for a long time. In some countries we can buy them, in other we will do it very soon.

An Italian example: in Amsterdam, during the GPU Technology Conference Europe, a small robot prototype has been presented: R1.

“R1 is a humanoid robot and we created it with the goal of making a robot that is affordable in terms of price. R1 has been designed with applications in the domestic environment and the household to be helpful initially maybe to people that have disabilities, who may need help and later to everybody,” says Professor Giorgio Metta.

R1 is improving its skills learning from its experiences, and it will be launched on the market in a year and a half.

Since 2014, in Japan, you can buy Pepper, an humanoid priced 1500 euros. This robot may serve as a waiter, salesman and customer service in about 500 companies, including Nestlé and Nissan.

The technological field of automatin can consider different drives: see the California-based company Abyss Creation, that has produced “RealDoll”, the most expensive dolls with an artificial intelligence in the world, whose prototypes are ready with the goal “to expand sensory possibilities related to sex”. This is the ultimate sexual objectification.

Although this matter could result disturbing, robots should make life easier for sick people and the elderly, proving to be an help for the society.

Are we ready for the future?

20/21 ottobre: baba racconta la nuova mobilità sostenibile

Alle 2 GIORNATE SULLA SOSTENIBILITÁ baba sarà presente con una relazione sul rapporto tra mobilità e ambiente tenuta da Giulia Ceriani

L’evento è promosso da The LIFEstyle Journal e si terrà il 20 e il 21 ottobre presso la Biblioteca della Moda, a Milano.

Durante la manifestazione avranno luogo 4 workshop dedicati a come, diversi settori merceologici, quali mobility, moda, cosmesi e design interagiscano con il tema della sostenibilità.

Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse

New York City’s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum is hosting Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse, the exhibition of three designers: Luisa Cevese, founder of Milan-based brand Riedizioni; Christina Kim, Los Angeles-based brand dosa, inc. and Reiko Sudo, managing director at NUNO in Tokyo.

Each designer’s practice involves innovative and sophisticated reuse of textile materials and resources, while engaging in preservation of local craft traditions and the integration of new technologies in the recycling process.

From September 23, 2016 to April 16, 2017.

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#inversion by Zygmunt Bauman

After the age of utopias of tomorrow and the one that denies any utopia, today we live the era of the utopia of the past. This is the main theory in “Retrotopia” the latest book by Zygmunt Bauman (in bookstores since September 7th, Italian edition by Laterza).

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#INVERSION: urgent change!

Extinction coat. The number of animals that surrounds us has been halved in one hundred years, from 1900 to 2015.

This depopulation has strong consequences on the planet: the “biological annihilation” represents a frightening assault on the foundations of human civilisation, according to the study just published on the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

Researchers say that the prospects don’t look good: “All signs point to ever more powerful assaults on biodiversity in the next two decades, painting a dismal picture of the future of life, including human life.”