Are we ready for Robotic couture?

Maybe we are about to find out the answer to this question. On September 21st, Anouk Wipprecht will be at “Meet the Media Guru” and we will be there too to hear about her experience. Her work mix Fashion with…

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#inversion by Zygmunt Bauman

“Retrotopia” by Zygmunt Bauman is in bookstores since September 7th, Italian edition by Laterza.

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Next year I’d like to have a robot, wouldn’t you?

Are we living in the future? It seems! According to the latest innovations in robotics, in addition to technological development, what is really changing is the real availability of robots, that we have only imagined for a long time. In…

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Self-Driving Cars of the Future

Three companies, BMW, Intel, and Mobileye, have joined forces to research, implement, and produce self-driving cars by the year 2021. Lead automakers hope that automated driving technology will allow for more efficient and safe travel. The goal of this collaboration…

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First world’s 3D culinary lab opens in LA

We have been talking for the last decade about 3d printing, and since NASA has started experimenting 3d-printing food in 2013 our interest shifted also in that direction. It feels unbelievable, compared to first, pioneering experiments, but future is now…

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Megacities and suburban areas between socio-economic development and environmental protection: the future is here. Giulia Ceriani will take part to Biennale Innovazione 2015, July 17th-18th. Find out Innovation

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