On Feb 5th at Accenture Innovation Center in Milan, Giulia Ceriani has introduced the main findings from our international trend watching Forecast 2019-20 (12 countries worldwide monitored, 9 market categories). This year’s leading theme is #DARK!: we have identified 8…

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Gastromania: media, foodies and market

What is gastromania? In which way the speeches and our relation with food has changed? Why feeding ourself has become an undeniable symbolic act? How all of this can change the market? On the occasion of EXPO2015, baba hosts a…

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A new generation of wine is rising

The “phenomenon” had already been spotted last year but during the very recent final tasting to Slow Wine 2015 a new generation of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is emerged. Innovative styles, with great fruitiness and smoothness, but also character and personality, produced…

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