Brands between heritage and innovation- July 14th, Modena- Congress 2016 of UISI (Unione imprese storiche Italia)

  How does the combination of tradition and innovation characterize the changing environment where a brand acts? How does this involve particularly heritage brands? Giulia Ceriani (Baba-Scenari di mercato President- University of Siena Professor) will lead the discussion on this…

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”A factory in Japan will be the first fully robot-run farm, with a team of automated systems handling every step of the farming process, from watering seeds to harvesting crops. The only part of the process requiring human imput is…

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Gastromania: media, foodies and market

What is gastromania? In which way the speeches and our relation with food has changed? Why feeding ourself has become an undeniable symbolic act? How all of this can change the market? On the occasion of EXPO2015, baba hosts a…

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