Who’s Really In Front of the Camera?

The VIRTUALITY trend (see our #THENOWAGE 2018-19 Forecast) is becoming more prevalent in the social media realm with the idea of ​​influencers being one that encapsulates virtual avatars. These virtual avatars are used on the social media platform Instagram to promote fashion brands and some cases advocate for social issues. The influencers are digitally designed, with real humans behind the scenes. Virtual influencers is a trend in the social media posts. Traditionally social media is a concept that we all use as a tool for human beings, to share our emotions and feelings through pictures or posts.


The idea of ​​a virtual entity posting its opinions and emotions to social media is one that most likely frightens a lot of people. When you post to an issue or promote a product it is much easier for the viewers to pin the opinions to the person to the post. Digital avatars blur the line of responsibility for the opinion


In terms of the influencing itself, they can be used in any of the clothes the animator desires. This allows companies to easily collaborate with them without having to set up.


While this concept excites, we are interested in the social media world. Human beings are all different and as a result only certain influencers can wear certain brands, whereas animations can be changed to fit any aesthetic desired by the brands .



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