This week at baba, we are tracking about how the #Radicalism trend (see our #THENOWAGE2018-2019 Trend Monitor Forecast) is creating a new way for us to enjoy our favorite foods without destroying the environment. This trend is all about extreme views and not following the herd; two factors that are contributing to the movement towards sustainability in the food industry.

As consumer behaviors begin to shift towards ‘hard’ veganism due to the increasing awareness and concerns for the origins of food and its impact on the environment, an opportunity for the food industry to capitalize on exploring new territories is rapidly increasing. Many companies are experimenting with the interchanging of raw meat for raw vegetables on a global scale as many species of wildlife face extinction. With veganism and sustainability gaining momentum on a global scale, the preservation of certain species can simultaneously coincide. One company in particular , #OceanHugger has developed the world’s first plant-based alternative to raw tuna and its name is #Ahimi. Due to overfishing, the tuna population has dropped 97% from its historic levels, but the good news is that innovations like Ahimi can allow the tuna species to recover, over time of course. This unique innovation supports the conservation of many marine species that are at risk for extinction, without sacrificing the taste. Is the future of food proteins plant-based alternatives?


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