3D Printing: Potential Solution to Global Food Crisis?

Here at baba, we are closely tracking the #Radicalism trend (see our #THENOWAGE 2018-2019 Trend Monitor Forecast) and it’s connection to the food and technology industries. This trend deals with cutting-edge ideas in order to create a breakthrough in society. It offers a unique value that has the potential to create a new pathway towards innovation- a true pioneer that exceeds known boundaries.

Recently, the development and implementation of technology that supports sustainability is about to influence society in a positive way. Elzelinde van Doleweerd and the #3DFoodCompany in Beijing have teamed up to create food products using a 3D printer from leftover food. Looking towards the future, more food is needed to feed a rapidly growing population and almost 1/3 of the food produced nowadays is wasted. Although 3D printing is still in its adoption stage, its potential influence is massive. This innovation offers a maximization of food production, ensuring that food is not wasted as well as offering a solution to hunger for overpopulated areas. By challenging the negative stigma around leftover foods not being fresh, 3D printing ironically turns the old into something new and is completely sanitary and safe to eat.


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