#FADING Trend Increasing in Cosmetics Industry

We at baba are closely watching the #Fading trend (see our #THENOWAGE 2018-2019 Trend Monitor Forecast) especially in its relation to the cosmetics industry. This trend deals with the elimination of hard frontiers between market categories (food vs beverage, mobility vs technology, etc.), as for their targets (young vs adults, women vs men, etc.), towards an idea of immediate accessibility and multipurpose seductivity. No age, no gender, no class, no limits.

As for cosmetics, it challenges the rooted idea of gender specific categories products, as genderless offer a new potential and possible renewed attention. We have seen a general shift throughout the industry, with a slight implementation of a new pattern towards genderless fragrances and soaps. One company in particular has caught our attention, the brand new @goovi.com: a clean and positive range for gender neutral soaps that are intended for the whole family to use, even gentle enough for babies. Naturality, becomes the crosscategory (and crosstarget) principle, for an offer including house cleaning products and supplements as well. Notice particularly the dialogic branding “life is hard enough”, etc.), addressing to a fresh and female house holder, with a touch of irony; and a visual identity naive and bright coloured, with a tactile connotation.

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