BACKWARD: The “new” way to do shopping

Online shopping is convenient for those who work or who are traveling but there are also many reasons to prefer shopping at local stores: the experience and the discovery.

NearSt is a startup that believes “finding and buying something from a real shop nearby should be faster and easier than ordering it online.”

If a user wants to buy something he can make an order then the store puts aside the product and sends confirmation to the withdrawal of the product to the user. In addition, the user, at any time, can see a list ‘near-live’ of what is available in a store

NearSt uses technology to make local purchase easy and fast just like the on-line. NearSt understood that the shop around the corner is the real turning point, and had also realised that customers want to be able to buy what they want, when and where they want.

Customers want to get the instant gratification and nothing can enable them to obtain what they want as fast if not a physical store along the way

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