Nomad Objects

There was a time, back in the early 2000 when the word “nomad”, linked to “design” lost many of its ethnic traits to be associated to digital culture and dematerialization: it was the time of new nomads, when nomadism lost its negative connotation to become a trait of distinction. New nomads were young and wealthy, always connected, and wanted to travel fast and light. It took little time before nomad design lost even this speculative trait to go back to home and living, with smart, flexible furniture and a creole look, linked to both its original exhotic connotation and its latest digital definition. Louis Vuitton was one of the most coherent interpreter of the Nomad Home” trend: deep at the brand core, there is a certain distinctive form of travel (defined by its legendary luggage and travel sets) that make an expansion to nomad home natural. The project Objectes Nomades started in 2012 and exhibits every year new objects firmed by eminent designers: Campana Brothers, Maarten Baas, Patricia Urquiola, Nendo and the likes. This year Marcel Wanders joined the team and added a new piece of furniture. Though the buzz around the project seems to diminish compared to last year. Nomadseems to be changing again, and the moment is uncertain for brands that deal with such a delicate issue. What will be the destiny nomad design? Will the nomad status symbol survive the emergency around migration? Will the aims change again according to new pressing social issues?

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