Next year I’d like to have a robot, wouldn’t you?

Are we living in the future? It seems! According to the latest innovations in robotics, in addition to technological development, what is really changing is the real availability of robots, that we have only imagined for a long time. In some countries we can buy them, in other we will do it very soon.

An Italian example: in Amsterdam, during the GPU Technology Conference Europe, a small robot prototype has been presented: R1.

“R1 is a humanoid robot and we created it with the goal of making a robot that is affordable in terms of price. R1 has been designed with applications in the domestic environment and the household to be helpful initially maybe to people that have disabilities, who may need help and later to everybody,” says Professor Giorgio Metta.

R1 is improving its skills learning from its experiences, and it will be launched on the market in a year and a half.

Since 2014, in Japan, you can buy Pepper, an humanoid priced 1500 euros. This robot may serve as a waiter, salesman and customer service in about 500 companies, including Nestlé and Nissan.

The technological field of automatin can consider different drives: see the California-based company Abyss Creation, that has produced “RealDoll”, the most expensive dolls with an artificial intelligence in the world, whose prototypes are ready with the goal “to expand sensory possibilities related to sex”. This is the ultimate sexual objectification.

Although this matter could result disturbing, robots should make life easier for sick people and the elderly, proving to be an help for the society.

Are we ready for the future?

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