TREND MONITOR® is the tool baba has develop for the strategic monitoring of trends on an international level, operating in 12 countries and 9 market categories.

From the implementation of TREND Monitor® together with the tailored extensive survey based on Toluna panel, different report formats are develop, allowing the customers to acquire the survey information according to the individual needs.

Main Report 

The Main Report presents the annual scenario with the mapping of trends and their weight within the 12 reference countries:

  • Trends identification and mapping (12 countries, 9 market categories), supported by several examples and international cases, besides the main findings of the extensive survey;
  • Online access to file on Trend Monitor® website (via login with USER ID and dedicated PW) with audio and video contents to support the user in his activity;
  • Browsing through the Toluna Analytics tool, to perform autonomously additional intersections and in-depth analysis of data according to specific needs;

The main report has a price of €30000.

 Mini Report

The Mini Report is module-based and offers an interpretative analysis specifically and exclusively focused on the geographic areas of interest.
In order to complement the interpretative analysis, the customer is provided with the main findings of the extensive survey for each of the considered countries.
The choice of the different countries (which ones and how many) is possible only within the 12 countries currently monitored by baba.

The mini report has a price of €18000.

Tailored Report

Tailored analysis based on the client’s needs, the marketing and communication objectives, the target specifications, the categories of interest.
The contribution provided by the desk analysis – from the scouting of the emergent phenomena to the concept identification – is summed with the findings of the extensive survey collected in relation to the issue taken into consideration.
The survey base is implemented (by brand, countries, focalizations).
It is possible to integrate additional field activities through an offline or online ethnographic and/or extensive approach.

For information about the tailored report send us an email at

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