Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/2018: #Inversion_Follow Up

The presentation of TREND MONITOR® , baba’s yearly observatory dedicated to catch the emerging international trends for product/brand and communication concepts took place on February 9th in Milan.

Giulia Ceriani, president of baba, Vieri Emiliani, product innovation director at roialty and Elena Aniello, Marketing Director at Accenture Italy, introduced the key concept for this year: #INVERSION, the upcoming international trends across 12 countries (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK, US, Japan, Emirates, Australia, China, India, Brazil) and the turning points for 9 business industries: food, beverage, mobility, body, fashion, retail, hi-tech, media, home.

#INVERSION summarizes the mainstream mood towards the taken-for-granted truth, stressing a cross-categories overturning process. Indeed, this disruption runs over the political/economical scenarios, cultural models and values and, of course, purchasing habits and consumers’ relationship with brands.

A second interesting topic we have discussed during the conference is the integration of Big Data in qualitative research, i.e. how to transform the huge amount of data in relevant information (Good Data). We are talking about the delicate issue of data intelligence, in order to lead our clients to better target profiling and strategic planning.

Curious about the research results? Download the Sum Up here.

Otherwise, read more in our press review !


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