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Beyoncé feminism

The night between 23th an34th of April Beyoncé released her new album, Lemonade, taking everyone by surprise. Now that everyone is talking about it we notice a difference between the ways the album is being reviewed in Italy and in…

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Parity talks

Today we celebrate women’s day with a sweet/sour campaign from architectural world. To promote a series of talks about the industry’s gender imbalance at Swiss university ETH Zurich, Herzog & de Meuron authorized the use of their image made up…

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Unioni Civili

Ricomincia oggi la discussione al Senato sul ddl Cirinnà dopo la sospensione di mercoledì scorso. I Millennials sono il segmento più interessato: non solo perché sono la categoria maggiormente coinvolta dalla legge, ma perché raccontano come sta cambiando l’Italia. Se…

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