First world’s 3D culinary lab opens in LA

We have been talking for the last decade about 3d printing, and since NASA has started experimenting 3d-printing food in 2013 our interest shifted also in that direction. It feels unbelievable, compared to first, pioneering experiments, but future is now eatable.


 3D Systems have developed the world’s first 3D printing culinary innovation center near the corner of Melrose and Highland, the influential epicenter of the Los Angeles culinary community: a digital kitchen that hosts frequent events for leaders in the hospitality, event and culinary, as well as symposiums and master classes that will explore and shape the wide-open landscape of 3D printed food.

Controlling people: big data or bug data?

Google’s Quantum Computer works. The concern about government control and the risk that science may have gone too far sussists and it is reasonable that someone is claiming that both corporations and governments should be very careful handling with the new possibilities they have.


Lately, a lot of attention about big data and quantum computers has arisen, due both to media attention – latest James Bond’s Spectre and new Millennium Saga’s novel – and the huge investment that Google, Ibm and other IT corporations are doing.

The possibility for quantum computer of processing both 0 and 1 at the same time gives huge possibilities for big data research, leading corporations and government to a capacity of information processing and control never seen before.

Geox and the Expo experience

Giulia Ceriani, President of Baba, will be part of the “Geox and the Expo experience” press conference, to be held on Sep. 15 at the Geox Showroom (via Sperorari 8, Milan,, with a talk about Wellbeing & Wellfeeling.


After 15 years we are saying goodbye to our trusty website and are delighted to introduce a new optimized and fresh website: check it out here


When we talk about technology Japan never lags behind: Henn na Hotel, where the main staff are robots


Innovation for turbulent times -> the new business challenge in six turning points:
  •  Individual
  •  Society
  •  Relationships
  •  Work
  •  Markets
  •  Values



Speed and technology, but also slowness and artisan wisdom: double binds for a successful innovation plan



Kick off tomorrow! Biennale Innovazione 2015 is ready to start.

Giulia Ceriani, President of baba, will take part to the event.

Find out more about leading innovative trends to face future turbulences in Venice, on July 17th-18th


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Megacities and suburban areas between socio-economic development and environmental protection: the future is here.

Giulia Ceriani will take part to Biennale Innovazione 2015, July 17th-18th.

Find out Innovation

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Baba at Biennale Innovazione 2015

From e-mobility to Internet of Things, from smart cities to new longevity.

Innovation is the key. Find out with Baba the future leading trends at Biennale Innovazione 2015, July 17th-18th.

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