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Direzione –> Via Tortona.  Arredi minimali, innovazioni tecnologiche, ottimizzazione degli spazi per culture che incrociano presente, futuro e passato. Identità tentative, concetti di prodotto fusionali, ruoli e generi felicemente confusi : #Fuorisalone 2017 in Via Tortona calca anzitutto  il trend #trans (vedi babatrendmonitor/DOWNLOAD)….

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MILAN DESIGN WEEK IS BACK, and of course we won’t miss to catch new ideas through the exhibition spaces of #FUORISALONE 2017. baba’s trend watchers are already crossing Milan to observe the forward-looking signals, the new concepts and the upcoming ideas  of the #Home industry as well as the…

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BACKWARD: The “new” way to do shopping

Online shopping is convenient for those who work or who are traveling but there are also many reasons to prefer shopping at local stores: the experience and the discovery. NearSt is a startup that believes “finding and buying something from a…

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Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/2018: #Inversion_Follow Up

The presentation of TREND MONITOR® , baba’s yearly observatory dedicated to catch the emerging international trends for product/brand and communication concepts took place on February 9th in Milan. Giulia Ceriani, president of baba, Vieri Emiliani, product innovation director at roialty and Elena Aniello, Marketing Director at…

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baba consulting is proud to announce the yearly presentation of Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/2018, that will take place on February 9th – 5 pm at Fondazione Stelline Corso Magenta 61, Milan. Giulia Ceriani, president of baba, and Vieri Emiliani, product innovation director at…

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Cyber VS Cyber

What about multiple cyber faces springing out from clothes? The hacker-artist Adam Harvey has developed Hyperface, a project based on DDoS system to protect from facial recognition and, generally speaking, from AI. It sounds like “Cyber VS Cyber”… #inversion hits…

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Alexa Meade and the #inversion mood

Above and underneath the surface, playing with space perception: by painting on living subjects, real life appears to be a bidimensional painting. Alexa Meade, already known painter for Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren, reveals a curious #inversion mood, where…

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Think global, act (very) local

Think global act local, we used to say. In Trump’s view, this statement assumes a strong #inversion feature: by stressing borders, interruption with the previous mind-set is highlighted. A defensive and extreme position towards the main current industrial trends (as…

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Merry Xmas from baba

How many fidelity cards are in the pockets? How many shopping bags in the hands? Tech gadgets, travels, relaxing holidays: let’s address to baba  your main questions and we will tell you which customers  your clients and prospects are! While…

Read More – Clean up you existence!

Tired to be tracked down in internet? Clean up your existence! Following the emerging needs of internet detox and privacy safeguarding, a swedish startup, in partnership with Google, has developed, an app providing you the chance to delete the…

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