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Think global, act (very) local

Think global act local, we used to say. In Trump’s view, this statement assumes a strong #inversion feature: by stressing borders, interruption with the previous mind-set is highlighted. A defensive and extreme position towards the main current industrial trends (as…

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Merry Xmas from baba

How many fidelity cards are in the pockets? How many shopping bags in the hands? Tech gadgets, travels, relaxing holidays: let’s address to baba  your main questions and we will tell you which customers  your clients and prospects are! While…

Read More – Clean up you existence!

Tired to be tracked down in internet? Clean up your existence! Following the emerging needs of internet detox and privacy safeguarding, a swedish startup, in partnership with Google, has developed, an app providing you the chance to delete the…

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Next year I’d like to have a robot, wouldn’t you?

Are we living in the future? It seems! According to the latest innovations in robotics, in addition to technological development, what is really changing is the real availability of robots, that we have only imagined for a long time. In…

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20/21 ottobre: baba racconta la nuova mobilità sostenibile

Alle 2 GIORNATE SULLA SOSTENIBILITÁ baba sarà presente con una relazione sul rapporto tra mobilità e ambiente tenuta da Giulia Ceriani L’evento è promosso da The LIFEstyle Journal e si terrà il 20 e il 21 ottobre presso la Biblioteca…

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Design City: il senso delle cose

Camminando per le vie di Milano, in questi giorni, ci si può imbattere in un evento che è destinato a contraddistinguere l’inizio dell’autunno nel capoluogo lombardo. Si tratta della prima edizione di Design City Milano, una manifestazione che, dal 1°…

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Apple: think different?

Dopo tanta attesa il 7 settembre è stato presentato in commercio il nuovo iPhone7 – uno smartphone che mostra diverse modifiche interne, ma con un design già visto. Infatti, nonostante sia stato rinnovato nelle sue parti e nelle sue prestazioni,…

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Self-Driving Cars of the Future

Three companies, BMW, Intel, and Mobileye, have joined forces to research, implement, and produce self-driving cars by the year 2021. Lead automakers hope that automated driving technology will allow for more efficient and safe travel. The goal of this collaboration…

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3D Printing Future of Construction

  In Dubai the first office completely 3d printed in loco: 17 days of layering of cement for a 250 square meters building. Will 3D printing succeed in lowering the costs of construction?

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Nintendo NX and the changes in videogames’ market

Nintendo released some insight about the next Nintendo NX: it will be a “smart device” that takes in account new forms of game experience emerged with the raise of mobile devices and social platforms. This comes together with the rumors…

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